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Company History

The publications business of Compliance Training Products Limited was established in 1992 with the initial objective of helping firms and institutions meet the new Money Laundering Regulations taking effect in 1993. Publications have been developed in conjunction with trade and professional bodies including the British Bankers' Association, the Law Society, the Finance and Leasing Association, and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Compliance Training Products currently publishes the widest range of anti-money laundering training products in the world under the brand Money Laundering Resource.

The subject areas of Bribery Prevention, Equality & Diversity, Data Protection and Fraud Prevention mark the expansion of Compliance Training Products' publications to cover new topics in the sphere of legal and regulatory compliance.

Why Train?

Breaches in regulatory compliance can have serious consequences for the organisation, and for responsible managers personally - even to the extent of criminal prosecution and prison sentences. Where a breach is caused by oversight or wrongdoing by an individual member of staff, their first line of defence is to claim that they were not properly trained. If you have compliance responsibilities, the aim of Compliance Training Products is to offer you a choice of training and reference materials that will help you deliver effective training to your colleagues and staff, and to show that appropriate training has been given.

Company Information

Compliance Training Products Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with number 4369743.
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